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Justin Bieber Height Gets a Musical Makeover With SCHEINY's Hood Politics Edit Justin Bieber’s hit single “Height” has been given an edit by German bass producer SCHEINY and it is making its debut on Hood Politics Records. The remix is an adrenaline-fueled take on Bieber’s already popular single, and it features an explosive soundscape of brass, synths, and 808s. SCHEINY injected the track with a dose of fire and it is evident from the moment the remix drops in. The producer created a hard-hitting drop that is full of driving synth leads, heavy slammin' drums, and a bouncy bassline that will definitely get the party started. The track builds up anticipation with its electrifying energy before finally unleashing its bass-heavy drop. The track keeps true to Bieber’s original melody but its bubbling production and heavy drums provide a new soundscape that is sure to leave listeners in a state of bliss. SCHEINY’s remix of “Height” is undoubtedly an upgrade from its original counterpart and it is the perfect choice for any house party or club night. This collaboration between Justin Bieber and SCHEINY is sure to become a hit among fans of the two artists. Bieber’s “Height” is already a popular song but the addition of SCHEINY’s Hood Politics edit makes it a certified banger that will appeal to a wide range of listeners. Whether you’re a fan of Bieber or a fan of SCHEINY’s hard-hitting bass music, this edit is sure to get your feet tapping and your body grooving.