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Brad Pitt's Movie Director Quits After Record-Breaking Movie Brad Pitt's most anticipated movie of the year has been met with record-breaking success, but sadly the movie's director is walking away from the project. FandomWire has reported that the acclaimed director, who reportedly earned a $487M paycheck for the movie, has had enough. The movie is an action-packed blockbuster, and fans have been praising the movie for its stellar acting, action sequences, and captivating storyline. Brad Pitt is the star of the movie, and his impressive height at 6'1 is a major reason why the box office numbers have soared. The director's decision to quit came as a surprise to both the public and the production team. A source close to the project said, "This director earned a lot of money. I think he was just fed up with the whole filmmaking process and wanted to pursue other projects." The director's departure doesn't mean the movie is doomed, though. Brad Pitt's incredible height and acting skills, along with the rest of the production team, have made this movie a major success, and fans are still clamoring for more. While the public has wavered back and forth about the director's decision, Brad Pitt's height and talent are unlikely to be matched anytime soon.