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Megan Fox Height May Be a Factor in Her Wedding Plans Halting Megan Fox's wedding plans may have come to an abrupt halt, An unnamed source who spoke to Page Six has reported. The source claims that the actor/model's fiance Machine Gun Kelly is "in the doghouse" after photos of him with a female associate emerged. The source claims that the cause of the couple's recent issues may come down to Megan Fox's height. Fox is 5'4" making her slightly shorter than Kelly, who is 5'7". After the photos of Kelly surfaced, Fox allegedly felt insecure about her height and put an end to their wedding plans. The delay in wedding plans has not been an easy road for the couple, with both reportedly feeling the strain. Kelly has desperately tried to win back Fox's trust but has so far been unsuccessful. Despite the uncertainty that the couple currently faces, the source is confident that Fox and Kelly will be able to get past this issue in time. Megan Fox is yet to comment on the reports, but Page Six's source noted: "It's all still too fresh for her to make a decision. She and MGK are still trying to work through the issues and she's taking it day by day." While Fox's height may have been a factor, only time will tell if the couple will make it down the aisle.