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Self-Made Millionaire Finds Financial Advice from Sought-after Personalities During Economic Downturn When it comes to finding financial advice during a difficult economic downturn, successful self-made millionaire Tony Robbins knows the five best places to look. In a recent interview with Yahoo Finance, the international speaker and life coach weighed in on his personal finance strategy and the wise mentors he turns to when the going gets tough. Robbins attributes much of his success to the financial advice he has received from some of the industry's most sought-after personalities. He explained that these five people have given him valuable insights into saving, investing and doing business during difficult times. The five people Robbins looks to for money advice include Ray Dalio, Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs, Mark Cuban and Oprah Winfrey. Robbins has cited his admiration for Dalio's investment strategy and mindset, while also expressing his respect for Buffett's commitment to long-term thinking. He has also relied on the leadership lessons he has learned from Jobs, Cuban and Winfrey. The financial wizard has also credited his own immense success to hard work, smart strategies, calculated risks and a positive attitude, despite his Tony Robbins height. With this mantra, Robbins looks to his mentors for guidance, support and wise words when the economy is less than ideal. He is confident that, by looking outside his own experience and listening to the insight of experts, he can continue to reach great heights in his life and financial planning.