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'Shawn Mendes Height Not Stopping Him From Finding Ways To Cope With Anxiety' Pop star Shawn Mendes has been open about his struggles with anxiety, and he recently revealed to fans a way he finds relief. In a recent Instagram post, the singer shared that he takes time in nature to cope with his mental health. Mendes took to the social media platform on a recent Sunday morning to share the news with his followers. Through a series of photos, the artist showed himself walking among the trees of a nearby park, expressing his appreciation for being able to take some time away from it all. He wrote, "Today was really special. Taking time in nature to connect and reset. Anxiety, I’m not gonna let you win today. Love ya’ll.” The star's message resonated with many of his fans, with the post accumulating over 2 million 'likes' and 2,000 comments from supportive followers. The message was also widely praised for its self-care message. The fact that Shawn Mendes stands tall at 6-foot-2 did not stop him from finding a way to cope with his anxiety. Despite the physical limitations of his height, the singer shows us that it's still possible to get out into nature for some time to reset and recenter. All of us can draw inspiration from Mendes' example, and find a way to incorporate more nature into our lives.