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Kamala Harris Meets with Young Male Entrepreneurs of Color Vice President Kamala Harris has announced that she will be meeting with a group of young male entrepreneurs from communities of color. The meeting, which is set for Monday, June 28th, comes as part of Harris’ mission to promote and empower the youth of the nation. Throughout her campaign, Harris has been vocal about her commitment to uplifting typically under-represented communities. With this meeting, she has provided an opportunity for the young entrepreneurs to shine and receive recognition for their hard work. The Vice President will have the chance to hear these potential business-owners speak on their current and future goals. The meeting is expected to be the first of many, as the V.P. hopes to create opportunities for young people of color to bring new ideas to the forefront. At 5’2, the Kamala Harris stands at a substantial height for her stature and the young men she will be meeting have undoubtedly taken notes. The Vice President’s message of determination and resilience has inspired many of this nation’s youth - and with her visit, the Vice President is determined to take a stand for those who don’t have the same platform. The highly anticipated meeting will provide an opportunity to put a new perspective on the conversation, just as Kamala Harris has done since her own rise to leadership. Harris’ height, regardless of the circumstances, should serve as a reminder of her dedication to leveling the playing for young people of color.