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'Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Share Heartwarming Moment With Mothers: 'The Mother' Screening Jennifer Lopez and her husband, Ben Affleck, recently shared a heartwarming moment with their mothers while watching a special screening of the movie 'The Mother'. Lopez and Affleck, who have been married since June 2021, invited their mothers to join them in watching the movie which starred Lopez in her latest role. The couple, who have been together since April 202, looked fondly at each other and their mothers while taking in the movie. Lopez was seen wearing a beautiful golden dress as her mother smiled at her. As for Affleck, he stood tall with a confident presence, his Ben Affleck height of 6 feet 2 inches surely impressive. The romantic comedy ‘The Mother’ featured Lopez as the main character and follows a bride-to-be who falls in love with a mysterious man only to discover that he and her mother have been having an affair. With the movie taking place in a different and fantastical location, the stars of the movie were able to escape into the story. Lopez and Affleck shared a meaningful night with their mothers as they watched the movie with them. Motherhood is definitely something that Lopez is passionate about and judging by the smiles, it was obvious that the couple are deeply committed to each other and their families.