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"Kristen Bell Shines Despite Small Height at Schwartzman's Movie Premier" Kristen Bell has proven that she has the star power to shine no matter how big the stage is. The premiere of Jason Schwartzman’s new movie, “The Cantorialist,” was no exception. Bell, a petite 5’1”, showed up to the premier in an elegant turquoise dress that made her stand out on the red carpet despite her height. Although she was slightly overshadowed by her fellow co-star, Carol Kane, viewers of the premiere were still captivated by Bell’s on-screen performance. The movie, which stars Schwartzman as a cantor and Kane as his bat mitzvah student, was met with great reviews at the premiere. While Schwartzman and Kane were praised for their brilliant interpretations of their characters, Bell’s portrayal of a bickering daughter was also highlighted. Despite her small frame, Bell’s ability to command the screen was undeniable. When questioned about her character’s impact, Bell said, “I wanted to make sure that my character didn’t feel like she was being overshadowed because of her size. I wanted her to be able to stand on her own and really display an independent strength. I’m proud that I was able to get that point across despite my limited Kristen Bell height.” Bell’s confidence and performance were certainly shone through her presence at the “Cantorialist” movie premier. As she continues to prove time and time again, Bell is a star who can easily light up any stage - no matter how big or small it is.