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"Blake Shelton Heightens Team Grace with Perfect Country Pick" American singer and The Voice coach, Blake Shelton, has made a powerhouse decision that could have a long-reaching effect on this competition. Shelton has decided to keep Grace West on his team, claiming she is ‘the perfect country artist.’ During Monday night’s episode of The Voice, Shelton had the tough decision of whether to keep West or Kanard Thomas, his last contestant left in the Knockouts Round. After much deliberation, Shelton chose the 17-year-old singer from St. Louis, Missouri, citing her undeniable talent and country style as his reasoning. The decision certainly paid off, as Shelton praised West’s vocal abilities during the show, stating, “Her voice just shined in every part of this performance.” He continued to compliment West for her country-pop sound, claiming she was “the perfect country artist.” Shelton’s decision to heighten Team Grace with this pick was met with lot of enthusiasm from the audience, and has viewers buzzing about their possible winner. As West moves forward into the battles rounds, she has a trusty coach in her corner to help her reach the top. And with the additional support of a heighted team, the possibilities for West seem endless.