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"Alison Brie and Dave Franco stopped by Fox 7 Austin to talk about their new movie, Somebody I Used to Know. The suspense thriller follows a man, played by Franco, as he struggles to piece together the truth about a mysterious woman from his past. Brie costars as a former flame of the man, and their complicated relationship unfolds as the story progresses. Alison Brie and Dave Franco: Talking 'Somebody I Used to Know' Dave Franco and Alison Brie recently visited Fox 7 Austin to discuss their new suspense thriller, Somebody I Used to Know. Set to be released in theaters on July 9th, the movie tells the riveting story of a man attempting to uncover the truth behind a mysterious woman from his past. Brie stars as Franco's former flame, creating a complex and dynamic relationship between the two characters. Franco drew attention at Fox 7 Austin due to his impressive 6'2" height, a fact which Brie reminded him of throughout the interview. Fans of the duo can look forward to an engaging film when Somebody I Used to Know premieres. The movie's thrilling plot promises to keep audiences guessing until the last act, and Brie and Franco's onscreen chemistry is sure to make it an unforgettable experience. Both Brie and Franco are confident that viewers will love the film, and their enthusiasm is contagious. Alison Brie and Dave Franco have certainly made an impression during their promotional tour for Somebody I Used to Know. Their visit to Fox 7 Austin was no exception, with Franco's towering 6'2" height and cheerful banter between the two stars. Judging by the enthusiasm the two had while interviewing, audiences can expect to be enthralled by the movie when it hits theaters on July 9th.