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'Ivanka Trump Heightens Concerns Amid Potential Indictment of Her Father' As the potential indictment of President Donald Trump looms, the anxiety of his family is heightening - particularly in the case of Ivanka Trump. According to Yahoo News, Ivanka Trump has no plans to publicly defend her father if the indictment comes to pass, a fact that has many concerned. The news on Ivanka Trump's position has raised alarms among both supporters and critics of the President. While some welcome her decision not to defend her father, others worry that her absence in the matter could further heighten tensions and tensions over the indictment. The news has also focused attention on Ivanka's own relationship with the President, and what she stands to gain or lose depending on the outcome of the indictment. Questions have been raised about her political ambitions, her role in the Trump administration, and even her own reputation if it's seen that she is not standing by her father in this matter. The news of Ivanka Trump heightening concerns amid the potential indictment of her father has implications both near and far. While it is unclear how the President himself will respond, many are watching closely to see how Ivanka will handle the matter - and what effect it will have on the Presidential family going forward.