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Justin Bieber Heightens His Style Game: A Look at His Fashion Transformation Justin Bieber has become an international sensation in the world of music and entertainment. But aside from his chart-topping hits, Bieber is also an iconic figure in the fashion industry. Over the years, Justin Bieber's style has evolved from baggy jeans and hoodies to red carpet formalwear and streetwear. Let’s take a look at the 'Purpose' singer’s style transformation. The teenage Bieber was the poster boy for a casual, youthful style. From his famous 'Bowling Shirt' to his signature baggy jeans and hoodies, the 'Baby' singer was living his best life in casual comfort. Bieber's love of streetwear, however, was also apparent in his collection of NBA snapbacks, fitted caps, and graphic tees. As Bieber grew older, he began to incorporate more mature elements into his wardrobe. This new style included a variety of dress shirts, leather jackets, blazers, trousers, and more. With the assistance of stylist Karla Welch, Bieber has emerged as one of the most fashion-forward artists in the industry. His acclaimed Met Gala look consisting of an all-white ensemble cemented his status as a fashion trailblazer. The Justin Bieber height of style can also be seen in his current affinity for designer labels. From Yeezy to Off-White to Gucci, there's no brand that Justin doesn't feel comfortable wearing. Bieber’s recent collaborations with brands such as Drew House and Diesel only prove his relevance when it comes to fashion. From the days of traditional teen style to his current designer-laden wardrobe, Justin Bieber's style evolution is something to admire. His effortless transitions from streetwear to formal looks is a testament to his unique sense of style. As Bieber continues to become a fashion force to be reckoned with, there's no telling how far he'll take it.