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"Jane Levy has become one of the most popular young actresses in horror movies. She has starred in a range of titles from Don't Breathe to Evil Dead to The Smurfs. Here, we rank her top five horror movie performances." 'Jane Levy's Best Horror Roles Ranked by Fans' There is no denying that Jane Levy is a bonafide star in the horror movie genre. She has starred in a diverse portfolio of titles such as Don't Breathe, Evil Dead, and The Smurfs, captivating fans with her on-screen performances. In honor of her impressive body of work, we have gathered a list of Jane Levy's best horror movie roles, ranked by fans. At the top of the list is Levy's performance as the lead character Mia in the 2013 cult classic Evil Dead. As a victim of demonic possession, the wickedly talented actress is able to convey a wide range of horror and terror. Fans have praised her ability to bring to life her character's struggles and immense pain. Coming in at number two is her role as Rocky in the 2016 horror/comedy, Don't Breathe. The film follows a group of three friends who break into a wealthy man's home, only to find themselves up against a terrifying blind man who will do whatever it takes to keep them from escaping. Levy's impressive physical performance as a determined young woman fighting for her life has earned her widespread acclaim. Third on the list is Levy's turn as Maggie in the 2016 horror-thriller, The Monster. With its intense atmosphere and eerie setting, the film follows a mother and daughter who are stranded on an isolated stretch of highway, where they must confront a terrifying creature. Levy's stunning performance as a mother struggling to protect her daughter is sure to leave audiences on the edge of their seats. Rounding out the list is Levy's small yet charming role as Smurfette in the 2011 animation The Smurfs. While it may not be as terrifying as her other performances, Levy proves that she can handle comedic roles with her natural wit and charisma. Plus, it's amazing to see her in a role that is free of the restraints of her impressive 5'1" - Jane Levy height. From Mia in Evil Dead to Smurfette in The Smurfs, Jane Levy has proven time and time again that she is a force to be reckoned with in the horror movie genre. It is evident that this talented actress has only just begun to show us what she can do.