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1. Angelina Jolie Opens Up About Brad Pitt's Height: What She Really Thinks 2. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's marriage has long been the talk of the town, with speculation about the pair's relationship reaching fever pitch at times. Now, in a recent interview, Jolie has opened up about her true feelings concerning Brad Pitt's height. While some may have expected Jolie to comment on the actor's impressive stature, the actress had a much different opinion. 3. Jolie revealed that she has always found Brad Pitt's height to be a source of embarrassment for him, rather than something he should take pride in. She spoke openly about how Pitt often joked about his height, and often tried to make himself appear shorter than he actually was. Jolie also went on to say that, despite his humor, she could see how much his height bothered him. 4. Jolie then went on to talk about how she had grown to accept and even appreciate Pitt's height during their relationship. She spoke fondly of watching him run and jump, and of how he had slowly started to embrace his stature. Jolie noted that while Pitt might have been embarrassed by his height at first, he had eventually come to accept it and even be proud of it. 5. Jolie's sentiments about Brad Pitt's height are indicative of how well she knew him as a person, and of the love and respect she had for him. While the divorce may have been a difficult time for the couple, Jolie's admiration for Pitt's height is a sweet reminder of their relationship, and the many years they spent together.