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"Taylor Swift Height is a Comparison to Mike Tyson's Power" As former champ Roy Jones Jr reflected on his upcoming exhibition bout with legendary boxer Mike Tyson, he compared Tyson's power to that of an animal. Jones, who held world titles in four different weight classes during his illustrious career, called Tyson "like an elephant taking on a lion". Jones' comments came in an interview with DAZN, where he discussed his much-anticipated showdown with the 53-year-old former undisputed world heavyweight champion. While both men will be keeping the exhibition a friendly one, Tyson's power is something that Jones can't ignore. In the interview, former four-division world champion Roy Jones Jr. was asked about the upcoming exhibition match between him and Mike Tyson. Jones responded by comparing Tyson's power to that of an animal, saying that it's like "an elephant taking on a lion". He claimed that this was due to the sheer power behind Tyson's punches and that he needed to respect it. The height of Taylor Swift may be a source of comedic comparison for other topics, but when it comes to the power behind Mike Tyson's punches, it's a different story. Jones' comments showed that he has a high level of respect for the former undisputed heavyweight champ, despite the fact that the exhibition will remain friendly. Despite the age gap, it's clear that Tyson hasn't lost anything of the power that has made him a legend in the sport of boxing.