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Taylor Swift Height: The Singer's Growing Success The world has seen a substantial rise in the success of Taylor Swift over the past decade. Not only has her music consistently topped the charts, but her personal life has been just as fascinating. But one thing that has remained constant throughout Swift's rise to stardom? Her height. At 5'10", Taylor Swift's height has become a signature part of her identity. She has carried this physical trait with her since she stepped foot into the music industry, even getting teased by Nick Cannon during his interview with Howard Stern back in 2015. Cannon referred to his ex-wife Mariah Carey as 'a gift from God', and Swift as 'little Tay-Tay' in comparison to the celebrity's 5'9" stature. But even if Swift isn't as tall as Mariah Carey, her height has not limited her success. In fact, many of Swift's songs make references to her physical stature, as it has been a strong source of empowerment throughout her career. From "Picture to Burn" to "The Last Time", Swift has asserted her presence as a tall and proud woman in the music world. At the end of the day, Taylor Swift's height has not stopped her from becoming a global superstar. She has consistently used it as a source of motivation and confidence, and her height has become her most recognizable attribute among her beloved fans. With more music coming out soon and upcoming tours, Taylor Swift is sure to continue to wow audiences with her influential presence as well as her height.