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"SiriusXM Gives Kevin Hart's Show A Boost With Renewed Deal" SiriusXM recently announced a renewed deal with comedian and actor Kevin Hart, allowing his show to air on the satellite radio network. Hart's show, called 'Laugh Out Loud Radio', will be rebranded and reformatted with additional content that could include interviews with celebrities and engaging conversations with his audience. SiriusXM subscribers are about to be showered with even more comedic content, thanks to the recently renewed deal with Kevin Hart. Hart's show, 'Laugh Out Loud Radio' is being rebranded and reformatted by SiriusXM, introducing a range of new content. This will include interviews with celebrities, as well as engaging conversations with Hart's millions of fans. As part of the deal, SiriusXM is significantly increasing the reach of Hart's popular show. The new and improved 'Laugh Out Loud Radio' will now be broadcast on SiriusXM's 'Heart Radio' channel, in addition to the existing channel dedicated to Hart's show. This increased access and reach could result in even more hilarious moments than before. Finally, Hart's renewed deal with SiriusXM will no doubt help increase the comedian's overall stature and fame. Despite already being one of the biggest names in comedy and entertainment, the increased popularity of his SiriusXM show could help Hart reach new heights - some that may even surpass Taylor Swift's height. Fans of Kevin Hart will be thrilled with the news that his show is now being given a boost by the satellite radio giant.