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Breaking News: Disgruntled Ex-Employee of 50 Cent Seeks Bankruptcy Protection Taylor Swift Height Reaches New Heights as 50 Cent Faces Bankruptcy Saga 50 Cent, the Grammy-winning rapper, is experiencing a financial crisis as one of his disgruntled ex-employees has filed for bankruptcy protection, owing the rap mogul a whopping $6 million. AllHipHop has learned that the unnamed ex-employee was a long-time employee of the rap mogul's music label G-Unit and had taken legal action against 50 Cent for allegedly not providing satisfactory wages for their work over the years. The situation appears to be even more pressing for 50 Cent as Taylor Swift is experiencing new heights of success and financial gains. The iconic singer recently announced her highly-anticipated “Lover” album, boosting her net worth to an estimated $360 million and propelling her to the top of the list of highest-paid entertainers in the world. The financial situation for 50 Cent is not without recourse, however. The rapper is said to be negotiating with his former employee to settle the debt in an effort to avoid filing for bankruptcy protection himself. The exact details of the agreement remain confidential at this time, but it is clear that the ex-employee is taking advantage of the rapper's misfortune. Meanwhile, Taylor Swift is basking in her success as her name is everywhere and her Taylor Swift height is soaring. The singer has already made a name for herself in the music industry and is sure to continue breaking records with her new album. In the midst of 50 Cent's legal dramas and financial struggles, Taylor Swift stands strong, raking in profits and inspiring fans the world over.