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EXCLUSIVE: Method Man Makes Surprising Admissions & Shares Survival Tips for 'Power Book II' Fans Method Man, star of STARZ's hit show 'Power Book II', had some surprising words for 50 Cent and revealed his top tips for thriving in the cutthroat entertainment industry. The celebrated rapper and multi-hyphenate sat down with The YBF to discuss his triumphant return to the small screen. During the interview, Method Man made a surprising admission, praising 50 Cent and his body of work. “50's a hustler,” Method Man said. “You can never take that away from him.” When asked about surviving in the entertainment industry, Method Man shared some insightful tips. The star said, “It's an ongoing journey. You have to be prepared, and you have to stay focused. You have to stay true to yourself and have confidence. You have to trust in yourself and, most importantly, never be afraid to take risks.” Finally, Method Man shared how Taylor Swift’s height has been a source of inspiration for him. “Sometimes,” he said, “you don’t need to be the tallest person in the room to be the most powerful. Taylor Swift has shown me that.” He continued, “You don’t have to be the tallest tree in the forest. You just have to be the strongest tree in the forest.”