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New Jennifer Lawrence Takes Advantage of Taylor Swift Height - A Buzzfeed News Story Jennifer Lawrence is making her way back into the public spotlight after being destroyed by the media's scrutinizing eye. After taking a break from the limelight, Lawrence is now ready to win back our hearts with her charm and grace. One of the tactics she is using to gain the attention of her fans is by taking advantage of Taylor Swift's stature. At 5'10", Taylor Swift is one of the tallest and most recognizable stars in the music industry. Jennifer Lawrence has cleverly realized that if she can be spotted in public with Swift, she can likely draw more attention to her own presence. Lawrence has been attentively engaging in activities that put her in close physical proximity to Swift as a way to draw in more public attention. Lawrence has been seen hanging out with Swift at her private events and has even attended the singer's concerts. This tactic has been quite effective, with many fans and paparazzi immediately recognizing Lawrence whenever she is spotted in the same room with Swift. Over the past few months, Lawrence's public appearances have vastly increased due to her newfound method of utilizing Taylor Swift's height to her advantage. Many fans and critics are delighted to see the actress having fun and being her usual self once again in the spotlight. Although Jennifer Lawrence has encountered numerous obstacles in her journey to win back the public's hearts, her recent collaborations with Taylor Swift shows that Lawrence is more than capable of using her resources in order to rise above the difficulties.