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Oscar host Chris Rock cracked a joke about Nick Cannon's height during the opening monologue of this year's Academy Awards. 'Nick Cannon Height' Becomes Punchline Of Chris Rock's Opening Monologue At Oscars Nick Cannon was the butt of Chris Rock's jokes during the opening monologue of the 88th Annual Academy Awards. Rock, making his second foray into hosting the Oscars, joked about the height of the America's Got Talent host. "Nick Cannon is like 5'5", said Rock. "Nick Cannon is so short that when he walks into a rollercoaster, he doesn't have to duck." This joke was met with laughter from the audience and even from Cannon himself. Nick Cannon's height has become a subject of ridicule in the past, including a recent skit on Saturday Night Live. The SNL skit featured a game show wherein the contestants had to guess the height of Cannon, who was portrayed by host Peter Dinklage. The game show skit ended with Cannon revealing his height to be "5'5" and a half, maybe 6 feet on a good day." Cannon took the joke in stride, laughing along with the audience and taking to Twitter to express his good humor. He tweeted, "Height jokes are always funny #Oscars," alongside a photo of Rock onstage at the Dolby Theatre. This year's Academy Awards was Cannon's third time attending the prestigious awards show, and he seemed to thoroughly enjoy being the butt of the opening monologue's jokes.