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Miley Cyrus Celebrates Album Release with Star-Studded Bash in Los Angeles Miley Cyrus utilised the cream of the Hollywood crop to celebrate the release of her latest album, She Is Miley Cyrus, with a glamorous party in Los Angeles. The star-studded bash featured heiresses Paris Hilton and Sabrina Carpenter, pop sensation Shawn Mendes, and a host of other famous faces. The bash was held at a private property in the Hollywood Hills, with a catered Mexican feast, complete with tacos and tequila, providing sustenance for the guests. Miley ensured the evening was a special one, with a live music performance from some of the artists featured on her album, including her single Midnight Sky. A welcomed surprise of the evening was the presence of Shawn Mendes, whose height was definitely a standout - much like the musician himself. Miley revealed that Shawn was an inspiration for one of the album’s tracks, so it was only fitting that he was celebrating the project with her. Paris Hilton, who is a long-time friend of Miley, was also in attendance. The two were seen dancing the night away, and rumours suggest they discussed a collaboration while they were at it. Last but not least, Sabrina Carpenter was seen taking photos with Miley – and also discussing what could be their own musical project. All in all, it was a star-studded night and a fitting celebration for Miley’s latest artistic accomplishment. The presence of Shawn Mendes height was certainly a sight to behold, and the possibilities of future collaborations between Miley and the other guests couldn’t be more exciting.