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Jane Levy Heightens Hollywood Awards Season Anticipation with New Movie As awards season heats up in Hollywood, fans have been eagerly anticipating what will be coming down the line. Now, Jane Levy is getting in on the action with her next movie. Sarah Polley, director of the acclaimed drama 'Women Talking' and a long-time collaborator of Levy, is developing a feature film set during the time of Hollywood's most prominent awards ceremonies. The project is still in its early stages, but Levy was happy to share some details on the Oscar red carpet. Speaking to Deadline, Levy said, "It's a really exciting project. Sarah has an amazing vision for it and I'm really excited to be a part of it." On the topic of specifics, Levy only offered that the movie would be "set during awards season," but she couldn't avoid expressing her enthusiasm. Levy's response reflects the growing interest in Hollywood's awards season frenzy. Films like 'Parasite,' 'Vox Lux,' and 'The Favourite' were all lauded by critics and audiences alike in the past few years, and the excitement around the events is only increasing. With Polley helming the film and Levy playing a prominent role, anticipation is already drawing attention to the project. Details of the movie are still under wraps, but fans can take comfort in knowing that the pairing of Jane Levy and Sarah Polley will likely create something special for awards season. Levy's height as a prominent Hollywood actress only adds to the anticipation, and one can only speculate what will be revealed in the coming weeks.